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Default Re: Is this finally the year that T-Mac and Yao get out of the first round?

Originally Posted by sick_brah07
francis can play the point if he wants to win he is good enough to be a so called "floor general" and if they get bonzi wells interetsed again he can be deadly memba the 06 play offs againest the spurs 17 and 10 he averaged and with tmac shane and yao <<<<<< they will ahve a deadly starting 5 and then having dikembe luther head mike james and a few others willing to be role players i can see CHAMPIONSHIP their wat do the spurs have besides tim duncan that rockets dont?

It's funny how people just compare teams on paper, and assume that they're these great teams because they look good. I can throw names around as well, but it doesn't do anything.

When Wells actually played last season, which wasn't often, he was a cancer to the team. He played a minimal roll, and wasn't even a supporting player. He's 30 years of age, which means he's probably beginning to be on the downside of his career, and with a team like this, he will not be a factor.

Steve Francis floor general? For what? For a pathetic team that can't get out out of the first round, maybe. Not for a team that's serious about contending for a championship, though. He hasn't done anything in the past to warrant that 'floor general' thing. He controlled the ball on his previous teams because there was no one else to do it, not because he was great at it.
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