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Default Re: Clipper-Nation Roll Call!

Location: Los Angeles

Favorite Clippers Player: Elton Brand

Favorite Clipper of the Past: Brent Barry (reason is explained under "why you became a Clippers fan"

Number of Clipper Games Attended:4

Other Fav. Teams (All Sports): Lakers, Bulls, and Rockets, but Clippers is my all time favorite

Why you became a Clippers fan: i became a CLippers fan in 3rd grade (1996). i was watching the slam dunk contest and for some reason i was really amazed by Brent Barry's free throw line dunk (they showed replays of his and jordan's and barry actually stepped further back). i was just amazed that a no name from a no name team won the dunk contest and began to root for them ever since which is crazy cause they made it to the playoff that year. (he was no name because i didn't know as much about the NBA at that time only the famous teams and famous player)

Anything else? Feel free to add more: my clippers game was the game against the Spurs where Robinson scored 71 points on us and everyone at school was talking about how he schooled the clippers... but i didn't care i still loved the team and wasn't ashamed.
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