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Default Re: team of the 80's

Originally Posted by disco
MJ has to be in both the 80s and 90s team. Moncrief was good, but not an all-decade 1st teamer.

I'll go with:

G Magic
F Bird
F Dr J
C Kareem

G Zeke
G Gervin (qualifies as a guard too. He made all-nba team several times as a guard)
F Wilkins
F B.King
C M.Malone
first team looks fine, though i might switch kareem with moses. it's close though. i would definitely take out nique and put in charles. charles was making all-nba first teams in the 80s (think he made three of them). i might replace king with mchale too. personal preference for the more rounded, dominant low post scorer / defender and three time champ over the phenominal pure scorer.
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