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Default Re: team of the 80's

Originally Posted by kentatm
I think I would have Rolando Blackman before I had Moncrief

Why would you rather have Blackman over Moncrief. Moncrief did EVERYTHING better. He scored at an equal rate to Rolando, but was a more efficient offensive player. His defense was miles ahead of Rolando's. He had better team success, and the only thing Rolando has on him is longevity. He was just a better overall player than Rolando was.

Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan
Larry Bird
Moses Malone
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Isiah Thomas
Sidney Moncrief
Alex English
Julius Erving
Dominique Wilkins
Kevin McHale
Hakeem Olajuwan

Charles Barkley(can't remember what he did in the 80's),Bernard King, and Terry Cummings were some of the Snubs.

I might have accidently overlooked a couple players. I wanted to put Moses on the first team, but I might switch him with a forward to get a traditional line-up.
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