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Default Re: It's Official the bucks signed Yi

You might recall adamcz (the same guy who so annoyingly added names to the "How many poster by NBA team" thread) that it was I who had to copy'n'paste the CBA section for you weeks back. To hammer home that the bucks has plenty of power over Yi, when you where getting a bit hysterical.

Moving on.

True is that just because Dude is a top10 draft pick, don't make him an NBA star. Someone here I am sure will be able to pull the stat out of their arse, but not a huge percentage of 1st rounders actually turn out to be career starters. I think it something like only 5-6 1st rounders actually play for more 20mpg after three years.

Yi might bust out. Yi might just bust.

I'm voting for ....just bust!
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