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Default Re: team of the 80's

here are a few reasons to give charles barkley a spot on the all-80s second team:

85 - all rookie team
86 - all-nba 2nd team
87 - all-nba 2nd team
88 - all-nba 1st team
89 - all-nba 1st team

87, 88, and 89 all star


1986 - 20pts, 13brds, 4assts top 6 fg%
1987 - 23pts, 15brds (led league), 5assts top 3fg%
1988 - 28pts, 12brds, 3assts top 3fg%
1989 - 26pts, 12.5brds, 4assts top 2fg%

always had around 1.5 - 2 steals and 1 to 1.5 blocks
made the conference finals one year and never missed the playoffs

malone played one less season, had lower stats across the board and made 2 fewer all-nba teams (just talking about the 80s of course).

bernard king had literally 1 season (85) where he measured up statistically, and he only played 55 games that year. he made 1 less all-nba team and had less success in the playoffs.

dominique is closer. he was putting up great numbers regularly, was healthy, made 4 all nba teams (though one was 3rd team and only one was 1st team) and though he had less playoff success in total, he didn't have quite as good a team as chuck did his first couple of years.

mchale lags behind all the others in total production and individual awards because he played on a great team and wasn't the featured first option. he was the second best player on 3 title teams, a 7 time all defense selection, 2 time 6th man of the year, led the league in fg% twice, became the only player in league history to shoot 60% from the field and 80% from the line in the same season (1987 - 26 pts / gm on 17 shots w/ 10 brds) and was a 5 time all-star.
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