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Default Re: Pros on team USA

You guys are buying into the hype. The US had no problems in International competition before they started sending NBA players. The team won medals then just as it does now. Yes, even our college kids were good enough to play with the world’s pros. So the idea that NCAA players have no shot is just silly.

I know, you’ll now say “well they send their best and so should we now that we can”. I understand that logic but frankly don’t see the point.

Our best players make far too much money to truly care about these games. The only reason the guys are playing as hard as they are right now is because their reputation is at stake. They don’t want to be another “American failure”.

I'd rather watch guys that will live and die for the chance to represent the US. I want guys that are heart broken if the team loses. I want tears when they're on the wrong side of the final score not a look of embarrassment.

With the “Dream Team” concept you don’t get that.
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