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Default Re: Pros on team USA

Originally Posted by Da KO King
You guys are buying into the hype. The US had no problems in International competition before they started sending NBA players. The team won medals then just as it does now. Yes, even our college kids were good enough to play with the world’s pros. So the idea that NCAA players have no shot is just silly.

Uh, unfortunately that's just not true anymore. Our college kids were good enough back then, before international basketball truly took off. Now, they would get destroyed. Just look at our recent record in the Pan Am games, where our college kids get beaten by weak b-squad national teams. The talent level in the NCAA is so watered down now, it's just not possible. Mike K said it himself, our NCAA athletes can no longer compete against professional caliber talent from around the world.

"It's a game for men," U.S. head coach Mike Krzyzewski said Wednesday when asked of the difference between now and when he was head coach of the 1990 World Championship team, comprised entirely of amateur players. "College kids can no longer compete at the World Championship level -- a whole team of them -- or at the Olympic level."

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