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Default Re: Pros on team USA

Originally Posted by Da KO King
G Dee Brown
G J.J. Redick
G Deron Williams
G Eddie Basden
G Chris Paul
G Salim Stoudamire
F Ike Diogu
F Wayne Simien
F Adam Morrison
F Joey Graham
F Hakim Warrick
C Sean May
C Shelden Williams
C Craig Smith

If you telling the above roster with a few months of work together is not strong enough to compete for a medal you are nuts.

Call me nuts, but I don't think that team, before they were drafted, and with a 2-3 months' work, could win a medal. I think the international landscape is stronger than you give them credit for.

In purely my opinion:
US All-Stars w/ 2 weeks > Foreign All-Stars w/ years together > US All-Americans w/ 8 weeks.

Of course there's lots of factors to consider, but if I were an NBA ref, I'd bet on the US All-Stars...
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