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Default Re: Official #66 NBA Player Of All Time According To ISH

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
You realize thats a career average. You actually think Vince is gonna retire with his current 24/4/4 averages? VC will probally play a long career, meaning his averages will dip and by the time he hangs them up, it'll look more like 18/3/3.

Also, is the 24/4/4 supposed to make him better them Arizin and others? Sur you're probally gonna say, "If VC played back then, he'd be way better then Paul Arizin." Thats probally true, but we'll never know. Arizin had more All-Star games, more All-NBA teams, more NBA titles then Vince Carter.

Of course Vince is not a bad player, as he'll porobally make this list, but he's not beter then Paul Arizin or any of the other 18/3/3 players on this list.

Vince's career averages are slightly over 24, 5 and 4 and he is still in his prime so there is no way he will end up anywhere near 18, 3 and 3. 18, 3 and 3 isn't that impressive.
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