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Default Re: #1 seed Western Conference 2007-2008 According to ISH

That kind of logic fails around here man. I try and say that stuff, and immediately get flamed by about 15 people with names varying from TheFranchise3 to YaoTMac#1.

As for the Suns, that's pretty much it. They're not really built for the playoff grind. You can't keep up that run and gun style for an entire 7 game series, where every game is crucial, let alone four 7 game series.

Originally Posted by jasonterry
The Suns are a really good regular season team because they just run teams out of the building and it's hard to prepare for their unconventional style when you are playing 4 games a week.
The Rockets are a joke though, I agree. Every year people think they will go all the way (I remember that retard GeeWiz fellatingg Mcgrady and saying Houston would win it all, lol) and they lose, even though they have 2 of the premier players at their respective positions.
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