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Default Re: Is this finally the year that T-Mac and Yao get out of the first round?

Originally Posted by CakeorDeath
Heard that last April.

Also heard that last April.

I'm not saying the Jazz provide an insurmountable obstacle against the Rockets, but Utah does have the bonus of knowing that they can win a playoff series against Houston, and they know they can win on the road there. Houston hasn't won in Utah in several years, in the regular or the postseason. The playoffs are about matchups, not what you've got on paper, and for whatever the reason, this Jazz squad seems to have this Rockets squad's number.

I'm not convinced Scola solves your PF problem, and I'm highly skeptical of Francis, James, and the nutbar formerly known as Bonzi Wells. More than any of these players, what will push the Rockets into the later rounds will be how much the longer-tenured Rockets players buy into Rick Adelman's philosophies.
It's not like the Jazz improved this off season. The might have gotten slightly worse losing Fisher. Also, with people always talking about McGrady's injuries, we're never sure how Boozer will do.
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