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Originally Posted by poindexter
I thought West would select either Maurice Ager or Jordan Farmar.
Both of whom are better shooters than Kyle Lowry. The Grizz still need
a shooting/combo guard. Eddie Jones is over the hill and Dantay is
too inconsistent. Mike Miller is a small forward and can't defend the
quick shooting guards. Lowry might turn out to be a decent point guard
but they still need a quick off the dribble shooter. I would have liked them
to go after Ben Gordon. West may be trying to get Iverson since their
attendance is dropping and they need something that will boost the numbers.
I would trade Miller and Swift to the Bulls for Gordon and Sweetney.
They could have Wright too.

bulls are not that dumb man..why would you trade your best offensive player for 6th man of the year and a guy whose never achieved his potential(swift)...i really dont thin k they are in the running for AI either..who do they really have that sixers would like to have other than gasol? But yea chicago isnt going to trade gordon unless they get a star in return....only the knicks would do something that dumb
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