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Default Re: A question about Kobe

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
people that jog every morning are not worn down by playing a basketball game.

Peope who jog every morning don't play 82+ games a year.

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
its all a matter of how good kobe's joints are

I don't know if its the joints or the lungs, or the muscles. I know that player should come into camp with just a little bit extra mass so they can drop 5 lbs during the season and still be strong enough for the post-season.

Kobe was worn down last post-season.

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
and they [kobe's joints] are fine right now he will be a big impact next year as long as his quickness does not quickly end in injury.

Are you a doctor? What the f do you know about anyone's joints? Do you have x-rays?

++ I'm not saying he'll be healthy or injured, i'm just saying, generally, in regards to the weight loss, andeveryone is different, that I'd be concerned if I were a fan.
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