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Originally Posted by wally_world
one reason... Mavs ARE better tahn Spurs...

yes... i think it's the main reason... Parker is a one-hit-wonder... next season he's back to normal... Manu IS the next Eddie Jones/Grant Hill... i see Duncan as the next defensive Chris Webber as well... in a couple of years... bye bye spurs...

That's what i call sympathy... Duncan seems to be gone all season... they needed something from him to show the fans... Mavs just gave them it... Mavs should have won in Game 5 or 6... think they gave Spurs a chance... Sports Entertainment is like this... all the things you don't know are happening... Money makes the world go round...

Do you guys remember what happened in that game 7? Spurs had it won..if ginobili just let him dunk the ball without fouling him...they would be in the west finals...and duncan played slower this season becasue he was playing through plantar fascitis..or however you spell it...and the only way to cure that is to rest...yes duncan is getting older but hes still tim duncan...teh most fundamentally sound power forward in the league and I still think he is the best powere forward in the league today if not in they picked up 2 young studs to help him downlow in jackie butler and elson...i think ginobili has peaked but i think parker will develop a better shot next year and if he does that he will be even more deadly...

Originally Posted by Spursfan22
A reff that knows what he is doing against the Mavs Dirks a BABY and that wasnt a foul on Manu

Take a look at the replay wasnt a hard foul but a foul non the less...dumb play by ginobili
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