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Default Re: Let's talk about LeBron with a consistent jumper...what would it do for his game?

LBJ with a consistent FT% would improve him a lot. If he could shoot 80-85% like he should be able to his whole offensive stat line would improve.

With his talent he should be able to do 32/7/7/2/1 with 47%/35%/80% in 42mpg consistently.

Realistically he should be going for 29/6/6/2 with high percentages in 35mpg because at the rate he is punishing his body he is going to be burnt out by the time he is 27-29 if he doesn't get injured first. 41-42mpg for 80 games 3 years in a row has got to take a toll. If he were at 35mpg over 80 games he would be saving himself about 560 game minutes per season over what he is doing now. Over say 5 seasons, that is 2800 minutes... or in other words, another full season at 35mpg. Not to mention he would be playing less while fatigued, which is when a lot of injuries happen.
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