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Talking Re: Team USA takes on Uruguay tonight: Game Thread

URU - Espasandin takes blame as Uruguay slip up

LAS VEGAS (FIBA Americas Championship) - Uruguay coach Alberto Espasandin took the blame for his team's dismal performance against Venezuela on Tuesday.

The 88-79 setback has left the Uruguayans with three wins and three defeats, and they will be underdogs going into clashes against the United States and Brazil.

Espasandin said: "I've failed to relay the importance of this game to my players. This was a very important game for us and Venezuela played intelligently during the whole game.

"Now, we have to focus on tomorrow's game (against the United States) and then on the Brazil game."

It's hard to see how Uruguay might beat the United States, who have been brushing aside opposition so far.

The Americans are loaded with NBA talent.

"The game against the United States will be an unforgettable experience," Espasandin said.


Well it seems like the Uruguayan Coach already thrown in the towel before the game starts. It would definitely be a memorable ball game as the USA will probably use this one as a drill in preparation for their upcoming games againts the Argentinians.

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