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Originally Posted by cyco127
That is he very reason that I believe the NBA should have a 'Player of the Year' award along with the MVP award.
The reason Nash won was due to the nba's definition of MVP... They're looking for the player that has the most effect on his team.
I guess what I mean is: If you take away Steve Nash, Phoenix struggles to make the playoffs.

I think the League should look into creating a Player of the Year award, to be given to the player who puts up the best all around numbers, or have the most memorable performances.

Last year's Player of the year in my mind prolly would have been Kobe(even though I'm not a fan). I watched him put up that 81... amazing.

Yea nash showed stats are not everything...but i also think kobe was deserving of the MVP all for the MVP going to the player that makes his team win and makes his team better but kobes play last season was historical...broke many laker records that were there for years and 81 for goodness not saying a great scorer should automatically be mvp but this guy was insane last year and his 81 will be untouched for years...he had a historical season which should have been rewarded...prolly bunch of kobe harters on the votes
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