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Default Re: Team USA takes on Uruguay tonight: Game Thread

Originally Posted by Valiant Valor
Dude just give it up.

Even when Carmelo was getting off those first two games, LeBron was the table setter for him. Bring up an accumulative stat sheet for this tourney, and it'll OBVIOUSLY bear LeBron has been the best OVERALL player.

Damn, why even waste your breath with this nonsense?

Matter of fact, since you like to bring up the fact Carmelo is the leading scorer...does he even have privilege to that claim after today's game?

Even if he barely does, what about FG%, assists, steals, and rebounds? Do you even care about these things?

Carmelo still leads in scoring, he now is only behind Tayshaun in rebounding (as he gets a lot of garbage play) and gets over 2 more than Bron, has more bpg. I still don't get where you come off saying its obvious, basically because you obviously have a biased (I don't know your team as you're a nobody on this board).
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