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Default Coach K Possibly Thinking Lakers= Kobe

Krzyzewski, Kobe Share Special Bond
In the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Steve Springer writes “on the court, Kobe Bryant has been a ferocious defender for Mike Krzyzewski in the FIBA Americas Olympic qualifying tournament. Off the court, Krzyzewski is an equally strong defender of Bryant. The bond between player and coach was formed when Bryant considered coming to Duke rather than jumping directly from high school to the pros. It was strengthened when Krzyzewski considered leaving Duke to coach the Lakers after Phil Jackson's departure in 2004.”

You Think Coach K Will Stay At Duke Or Jump On The Ship With Kobe?

I Think If Coach K Won An NBA Championship He Would Be The Best Coach Ever Because He's Proven He Can Win At The Highest Levels With Very Diverse Players i.e. TEAM USA

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