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Payton's Prime was from 1995-2003

Stockton's was from 1989-1997...

They only met in the playoffs one during that period...

In 1996, the WCF...

Lets see how they compared head to head...This is the best time, since they were both in their primes, All-Stars, All-NBAs, and its the playoffs, WCFs, both teams were evenly matched too...

Game 1:
John Stockton
2/10 4pts 7ast 2reb 1stl

Gary Payton
8/16 21pts 7ast 4reb 3stl

Game 2:
John Stockton
5/8 11pts 7ast 0reb 1stl

Gary Payton
7/16 18pts 8ast 2reb 4stl

Game 3:
John Stockton
2/9 7pts 6ast 2reb 0stl

Gary Payton
11/21 25pts 3ast 6reb 1stl

Game 4:
John Stockton
3/9 7pts 8ast 3reb 3stl

Gary Payton
7/17 19pts 6ast 4reb 0stl

Game 5:
John Stockton
1/6 4pts 6ast 4reb 2stl

Gary Payton
11/17 31pts 6ast 5reb 2stl

Game 6:
John Stockton
5/11 14pts 12ast 2reb 1stl

Gary Payton
3/7 10pts 7ast 9reb 0stl

Game 7:
John Stockton
9/15 22pts 7ast 8reb 4stl

Gary Payton
9/17 21pts 5ast 6reb 1stl


John Stockton

27/68 39.7% 9.8ppg 7.6apg 3.0rpg 1.7spg 3-4

Gary Payton

56/111 50.4% 20.7ppg 6.0apg 5.1rpg 1.6spg 4-3


So here we are...Prime Stockton vs. Prime Payton...Both teams evenly matched...Both teams won more than 60 games...The deepest stage of the Western Confrence...

Gary Payton SHUTS DOWN Stockton...Stockton's season average was 15ppg, 11apg, and 54% shooting...

He shoots below 40%, and Payton holds him below 10ppg...And he wasn't getting his passes going either, his 11apg went down to only 7-8apg...

Payton on the other end had season averages of 19ppg, 7.5apg, and 48%...
Payton scored on Stockton with ease, and did even better than his season...But obviously no team wants to pass too much against Stockton...He kept Payton from getting too many assists...But Payton makes that up with his 5rpg per game average...

Oh yeah, Prime Payton vs. Prime Stockton series, Payton wins 4-3......Sonics won the series with Payton...And rembember both these teams had successfull seasons, but Payton's Sonics were better than Stockton's Jazz......Basically, Payton beats Stockton in a team game since both teams had the same amount of talent, and the edge anyways on teammates, goes to Stockton...

Head to Head Winner: PAYTON

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