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Originally Posted by throwitdwnbigman
no no no you dont understand Timmeh? idk how old you are? BUT if you dont remember the Hornets played here a long time ago? and they sold out the old coliseum every night when they had larry johnson, rice, mourning until word got out about the team being moved.

The Hornets franchise was a novelty--even non-NBA fans were stoked that there was something new to do in Charlotte. Remember--we were selling out games when Kelly Tripucka, Kurt Rambis, and JR Reid were our STAR PLAYERS.

However, attendance started dipping WAY before the team announced the move:

LJ inks a monster contract.

'Zo then gives the first hissy-fit of his long hissy-fit career when HE doesn't get the same deal that LJ got.

'Zo moves on to Miami. Attendance drops.

LJ's back goes out and he's traded for Anthony Mason. Attendance drops.

We trade the rights to Kobe Bryant for Floppy Divac. Attendance drops.

Owner Shinn gets caught with his pants literally down. Attendance drops.

Lockout season followed by Derrick Coleman signing and Dave Cowens meltdown. After Glen Rice trade, fans fail to rally behind Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell--attendance drops.

Bobby Phills dies after racing David Wesley in apparent failed casting call for The Fast and the Furious--attendance drops.

Voter referendum ends with the city telling George Shinn to go to hell. Bye bye Hornets.

It was a long and slow slide to the bottom, and Shinn is STILL sliding.

Remember--Charlotte is still a good ol' boy NFL/NASCAR town and the Panthers are rightfully being favored by many to win the Superbowl. Attendance will be up for the 'Cats this year, but we won't see the salad days of '88-95 any time soon. Some wonderbread fans want to make sure that there are no Anthony Masons/Derrick Coleman types on the team, and a lot of feathers were ruffled because of Bob Johnson's statements that he would be a minority-first owner (the conspiracy theorist in me wonders whether Johnson had the alienated Dumb Angry White NASCAR-dad contingent in mind when Morrison was selected third overall).

Overall--I'm happy with the direction the franchise is going. Give it time--babysteps.
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