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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

Originally Posted by adamcz
There are lots of things that cannot be fixed with settings. Fludity of animations (not just how good each animation looks, but the flow from one to the next), intelligence of the computer controlled players, atmosphere, depth of features (especially dynasty mode and online leagues).

Also lots of people like to play online against other players - in this setting you can't tweak anything and have to play with the defaults.

thats why the setting have to be close to on point..When I play with my people I know you cant just switch around all these sliders and rrankings. You use one of the preset values like Superstar or HOF in 2k...Something has to be universal..You cant just change stuff around like that..

And I just done playing the Live demo and it is much better then last year..Parker plays just like himself but there are some problems..The shots done look right, the dunks look horrible, Lebron plays nothing like himself, the rebounding is bad, scoring is really easy, blocking animations look funny, post game is easy for all post players and quickstrike is too easy....
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