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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

Jalen, how thehell you spend so much time writing such a long post and claim to spend so much time adjusting sliders and ratings.. I thought you weren't a couch potato, like us poor old console gamers?

And really, 2k is better than live not just cause "you dont have to adjust sliders". It's just a better game. Serious. There hasn't been one review that ranks live over 2k, NOT A ONE since 1999. Go check EGM, Gamepro,,, Gamerankings, etc.

The only time Live even TIED 2k's ratings was in 2003 when they first introduced freestyle and some people fell for the gimmick, Playstation Monthly (PSM) gave them both an equal score. Beside that one time (note: ONE review out of, literally hundreds), 2k has been ranked above Live every year from every review.

So really, all that time you spent writing that crap about common denominator and all that meant NOTHING.
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