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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I actually found Live to be very slow compared to 2K. There were no fastbreaks in Live at all, so unrealistic.

Again, I just can't see how anyone could handle playing Live'07 and not be so pissed off you were charged over $50 for such a piece of **** game. That alone should be enough to at least try 2K.

My only advice to those who were like I used to be..stubborn....try both. Rent both before buying and give 2K a chance to get used to the new controls and then make your decision.

Co-sign on Live 07, clearly the worst in the series. Year in and out it's always been about Live for me, I played NBA2K5 on up, but all I liked about it was the 24/7 mode(though at 20 or 30 dollars it had me thinking about buying it). I stopped at Live 06, figured I'd give NBA2K7 a try, and it was great for a while. That led me to College Hoops 2K7, and that made me forget about Live 07 AND NBA2K7! If it wasn't for the fact I'll be daddy in December/January, I'd get NBA 2K8 fo sho.

Just last week I rented Live 07, and I couldn't stand it. The flow of the game just stunk. On a fastbreak your AI teammates will go downcourt but won't cut to the basket to save their lives. They'll just hover at the line. What's that about? And the Superstar Freestyle additions are useless. Then they gave individual controls for layups, shooting, and dunks? This game was just too complicated. All they had to do was keep it the way they did with Live 06. And please bring back those graphics engine Live 2004 had, don't know why they changed it on 2005.

...I'm done venting. NBA2K8 will probably be better since Live has been smoking the homegrown since '05. The Freestyle addition in '06 was its last saving grace.
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