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Default Re: NBA Live vs. NBA 2K

Originally Posted by Richie2k6
Actually I was replying because I was trying to stop you from wasting your own time and speaking your mind when there is no interested audience. Except since you don't care that you're wasting your time, don't mind me. And I'm not worked up either, I wasn't sure if you were either. It's just that you're making huge posts about little issues. It's fine that you express your mind like that, but again, I really don't think anybody cares.

But again, don't mind me. :)

Well, if nobody cares, they never would've bothered replying. But, if you look at each person who replied you can definitely see -why- they replied. It's understandable, but all they had to do was quote it properly, but that was just a bit too difficult, and now I have to be all educational and stuff. And -that- is something people -definitely- do not care about. Not here, not on the internet, not anywhere. God forbid people learn something. God forbid people see something through a different point of view. God forbid someone else have a valid opinion that doesn't necessarily jive with yours, but doesn't necessarily oppose yours.

But no, I'm not worked up. I'm actually in a really good mood, which is why I keep throwing silly stuff in these posts, but nobody's catching it, because they can only see their point of view, which is that I'm trying to lord in here and dominate and subjugate people with my "superior intelligence" and such, or trying to steadfastly maintain my side in an argument which doesn't even exist. There's a bit of cynicism and goofiness in just about everything I write, but when people see things one way, they generally aren't going to see them another, no matter how incorrect their point of view may be.

But hey, f*ck 'em!

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