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Default Re: Discuss the Jazz strengths and weaknesses

Jerry Sloan maked them better than other teams.

They can execute in the half court set, something a lot of teams have nothing of. Ex. Golden state had to revert to Baron Davis post ups when the weren't fast breaking.

We rebound well as a team.

Post play out of Boozer and his fg% win us a lot of games.

Pace control from Deron Williams helps to dictate the style of game we win at.

If it weren't thanks to AK we could have no shot blocking to defend the paint. We have the rebounding half down well, but shot modifying and position defense out of Boozer/Okur need some help.

Jerry Sloan not calling timeouts so he can hoarde them in his desk drawer.

Three point shooting that we can count on. Giricek shot amaizingly well at the end of the season, but it is hard to count on it out of him.

Three point defense and SGs have torched us a lot. If you run the numbers we like a lot of teams chuckin the three ball, especially when it comes down to a choice of shoot or drive (Mcgrady), but we are the patsy for opposing sgs to go off for 50.

Finances will soon start to be a factor, and I don't see us going too deep into the luxury tax.
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