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Originally Posted by luigi>mario

Yeah, I could get into that. I mean, if I went to the RMR I should totally go for the NBDL team.

What do you all think about the posibility of signing Linton Johsnon III or Eric Williams? I guess both are defensive SF's with some experience. I say they might be stacking position to facilitate an AK trade.

Yeah, I was pretty surprised to hear that they were even looking at those guys, since the power forward spot is obviously pretty well filled with Boozer getting most of the minutes, and Millsap coming off the bench and playing small forward as well. I think they are preparing themselves for if and when they trade Kirilenko, nothing is absolute, but I think they realize that it's highly possible that it will happen this year, might as well bring in a couple guy or two to back up Millsap when he starts primarily playing the SF position, since I think if a trade goes down they will be getting a shooting guard or center.
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