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Originally Posted by dd24
But of those big men two are proven, Sheed and Mcdyess

I'd say Maxiell proved himself enough last year to get more time. Amir has proven himself enough to be guaranteed a spot in the rotation by Dumars. With the starters expecting to get about 35 minutes or less both of these players should see more action.
Nazr has proven that he isn't the solution we were looking for when Ben left.
I personally think we should trade Nazr, but because we need as many minutes as possible for Maxiell and Johnson, not because he wasn't effective. Nazr was solid for us, and I believe we were 16-6 with him starting.
I like the two young guys but I would have a hard time saying they are enough to win a championship with.
Honestly we don't have much of a chance to win the championship next season unless something spectacular happens with one of our young guys. Dumars implied his strategy this season would be to let the veterans play 35 minutes or so and really develop the youth.
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