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Originally Posted by Czar
I disagree. Isiah had a good point. Who in this year's draft would have been a better option than Curry???

Curry has been in the league for 5 years and he has not proven he is capable of being a star in the league...hes a athletic big man who only avged 5 boards a game..he is a subpar defender and cannot stay out of foul trouble...he has shown he can score but a big man like him should be able to to do much more and should have shown in his career that he is capable of doing other things...a guy like tyrus thomas would bring a very athletic and defensive minded big man to a struggling defensive team...he has potential to be a great i think having lamarcus aldridge would be a better prospect than athletic big man who has shown ion college that he can board and score...its possible curry will be a career underachiever
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