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Default Re: So how ready is Kevin Durant to actually lead a team?

Originally Posted by idizzle
I think KD could somewhat of a Carmelo type effect in leading the team in points.

Agreed. With the second best option being Wally Szczerbiak, there will be alot of shots to go to Durant. While you could make the argument that K.D. will be smothered by the defense, you should note that Carmelo was able to be successful in his rookie season (2003-2004) on a team with Andre Miller, Voshon Lenard, Nene, and Marcus Camby starting with him. (insert point guard here), Wally, Jeff Green, and Kurt Thomas can't be much worse.

Also....OT: What does i.e. stand for? I see it used on here alot but I don't know what it means.
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