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Default Re: Trades That Will Make The Los Angeles Lakers Better Than They Are Now!!! Trust Me

Originally Posted by Quizmaster 2000
Why would they trade Bynum for Lue and Zaza when they havent pulled the trigger on deals for Kidd and JO.

The Warriors trade is also absurd.

Here's something that needs to be addressed. The Los Angeles Lakers can't just trade Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd or Jermaine O'Neal because more contracts would be needed to make the trade work. The teams who are potential trading partners don't want the throw in contracts. The respective teams might be asking for too much which is why the deals don't go down.

Zaza Paculia is a decent big man and Tyronn Lue is a decent passer and defender. He has Triangle Offense.

The Golden State Warriors trade is not absurd.

Ronny Turiaf would do well for the Golden State Warriors if he got the same amount of minutes that Andris Biedrins got last season. Furthermore it seems like the Golden State Warriors are trying to get below the cap since they traded away Jason Richardson. Kwame Brown and Ronny Turiaf would help them in a position which was sorely needed and their contracts would be appealing as well since they both expire after the 2007-2008 season.
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