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Originally Posted by Run&Gun=Fun
He was in melbourne training at the king club, where my friends and i always go to play...There are four courts there, court 1 has been named "court Bogut" because i think he started to play basketball there....They had the court closed off with curtains while he worked out.

My friends and i had to take a peep through the curtains though....He saw us and shot us a glance that scared the hell out of me.....He must be pissed off with people always watching him.

Later, i think he felt bad so he came over to say hi, which was really nice of him... He is bigger than i could imagine a person could be.

I didn't like him much before but now i think hes a champ

He scored 14 points for Australia against New Zealand in a recent match.

I too have seen the great big Australian at the king club, although it was in the gym not on the courts. guy is huge and seemed ok, although he did have a fare glare on his face at times.. sounds like hes constantly givin out bad looks.. where do u reside run+gun=fun.
Im from beaumaris, in yr 12 at sandringham
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