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Default Re: 42 New 2k8 Pictures

Originally Posted by Take Your Lumps
At the risk of sounding today find all kinds of stupid reasons to **** on a game. Player appearance? Give me a ****ing break.

This is the type of **** I had to put up with growing up:

WTF do I care if a player's skin is two shades too dark?
Pat Riley Basketball baby!

But yeah, so many people are so picky. People complain about the graphics when they're this amazing:

People are lucky the graphics are even that good and at your fingertips. Not everyone has a $600 Xbox 360. I still have to play with these graphics:

But you don't see me complaining. Sure I want a 360, but I don't have one. So really there's nothing for people to complain about. Hell give me the 2k6 graphics on a 360 and I'll be happy. I think the 2k8 graphics are amazing, and the people saying they suck are just picky and unappreciative.

PS: I still play those old 90's Sega/Super Nintendo basketball games. Memories.
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