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Default Re: 42 New 2k8 Pictures

Originally Posted by Richie2k6

A few old ones mixed in there, but many new ones, too.

That's pretty impressive! I still need to get a PS3 or 360. The graphics are insane!

Although, I just got the new PSP Lite (PSP-2001 model), the silver one, which is a lot lighter than the previous model (PSP-1000 models). You can also play your UMD movies on your TV, which is a big plus. I tried it yesterday and the quality is just like a DVD player. Pretty cool.

Other upgrades are the loading times, button feel (raised), and 64MB of ram vs the older 32MB. But, if you already own a PSP (older model), it's not crucial to go out and buy one. They both play the same games.

It's perfect for me because I go on plane trips all the time and plus I'm going hunting next week and thought it would be perfect for spending time. It's a cool little device.

Next is a PS3 or 360 though. Gotta have one.

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