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Default If Kobe's the NBA's best swingman, why isn't he my first choice to lead a team?

I'm sorry, but I've been personally grappling with this question since ISH came out with that poll a couple of months ago.

I mean, if this is indeed the case, shouldn't Kobe be an unanimous choice by everyone to be the #1 swingman to build their team around? Cause if this were true, shouldn't it be JUST as ignorant to say you'd take Wade and LeBron over Kobe as it would be to say you'd take Drexler over Jordan?

Really, when is some sort of accountability going to take place for when people casually annoint one player over the next? Why are you doing it? What qualifications give you the basis to feel the way you do? What true and distinctional seperation exist for one player to be ranked ahead of another?
You see, these are the issues that need to be unequivically answered. And if they can't be clearly answered, then there MUST NOT be a clear choice, only leaving us with the option to say ANY GIVEN CHOICE is in fact debateable.

Pretty much that's all I'm asking of ISH. Make decisions and choices, but be fair in your process.

Thank you.
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