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Default Re: If Kobe's the NBA's best swingman, why isn't he my first choice to lead a team?

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Because when you talk about a fanbase of several million people they cant be expected to agree on anything.

How often is any belief in sports unanimous? Shaq didnt even get every MVP first place vote in 2000 when he put up 30/14 and led a 67 win team. Plenty of people thought Drexler was the MVP in 92 before the finals.

Not everyone thinks Nash(or Kidd) is the best point. Not everyone thinks Lebron is the best 3. Not everyone thinks Duncan is the best 4.

Thats how the world works. I was once told Steve Francis at his peak was better than Jordan was in 98.

"If a lot of people think ____ is the best why dont I?" just isnt a reasonable question to ask to me. consensus too hard to ask for?

Let me ask you...if everything was equal what current swingman would you chose to lead your team?
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