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Default Re: If marion were to become a Jazz....

Originally Posted by New Jazzy Nets
Makes phoenix worse??? sorry they would be better, AK would perform better in the suns system then Marion has, AK is a better defender and just provides more then marion. WHile it is a equalish trade, the suns wouldnt lose much if anything in AK. Allhtough im not sure Marion fits the jazz but i wouldnt mind seeing it happen, if there is no way AK is willing to stay.

Nah I agree that this move would make the Suns worse - making a team worse of course doesn't rely on player quality, just team playing style and versatility. I do actually think Marion is the better player, and this trade would make the Suns worse, they would lose out on shooting, help D (although AK is just MarionX2 on D), fast breaks and rebounds. Utah would definitely be bettering themselves with this move and if AK is definitely out, this move is ideal.
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