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Default Re: Rank the Divisions...

Originally Posted by ForceOfNature
1. Southwest
2. Central
3. Southeast
4. Pacific
5. Northwest
6. Atlantic

The Atlantic is much improved. They have to be ahead of the Southeast and Northwest.

I would go with:
1. Southwest - Texas Triangle is murderous
2. Central - Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit still strongest teams in East
3. Atlantic - Or are they? Boston might just take over in the East, young Toronto will keep improving, win a playoff series, Nets, Knicks are stronger too
4. Pacific - Suns are strong, but none of these teams has really improved
5. Southeast - Washington is decent, Orlando has Shard now, Heat old, Atlanta and Charlotte suck
6. Northwest - Utah are contenders, Denver is OK, but Portland, Minnesota, and Seattle(in that order) will bottom out the West.
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