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Originally Posted by Rockets(T-mac)
Replace the first rounder from Houston with Alston and I'm happy with it. But this really isn't putting Miami in a great position, they will contend for a year and then have to rebuild but won't have the pieces or draft picks to do so.
nah bro ...the whole deal of the Bibby trade is to get expirings now!
Alston only adds on salary which we are trying to do. If that was the case we would've done a trade with Hou str8 up to get Sura Alston filler for Bibby which isnt going to happen imo

VERY nice trade for Miami. Dump bad contract (Jason), marginal role player (Doleac), young project (dorell), 1 starter, and 2 1sts. Gets two solid starters in return plus 2 good role players. Very nice trade.

I agree. Even tho Jason contract isnt a bad one (he's an expiring) They do get to keep bibby for all of this season and next season to try and build around a trio of Dwade Shaq and Bibby
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