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Default What if...

We were able to have picked up Flip Murray for let's say a 3 year contract for about 5 million during the 2005 off season, and never picked up Larry Hughes 60 million contract.

Who would that have freed up money for the Cavs to legitimately try to sign this past off season??

Ben Wallace to a full contract like 60 million
Money to get other draft picks
Signing Drew Gooden to an extension and possibly add Reggie Evans, Tim Thomas, Chris Wilcox, Nzar Mohamad, or Al Harrington.

What other possible scenarios could there be if we had that extra 50-60 million to sign someone this season.

I know they were wanting to make LeBron happy, but that wasn't his extension signing year, this year was, they could have waited 1 year, and really went after Ben or any of the other free agents.

Would you rather have not signed Larry and waited 4 the free agent pool this year, or are you satisfied with last years signing of Larry, keeping in mind his good stats in Washington.
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