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Default Re: Sonics items you own?

Originally Posted by RainierBeachPoet
i heard an espn announcer give his "4th grade theory"

the teams that one loved in 4th grade, are the teams that one carries with him into adulthood
I only started liking basketball until I was in the 4th grade. Before that I was a Pokemon geek. My family didn't have a favorite team; in fact, they hardly watched sports, so I kinda had to pick a team on my own, and, obviously, being the 4th grader that I was, I liked the Lakers at the height of their dominance. Now, I realize that I don't really like them too much, and I was just a bandwagoneer (I also started liking Oklahoma for College Football when Adrian Peterson was running all over everyone as a Freshie, and later switched once Jason White graduated and started liking the Longhorns. Same thing happened with the 49ers when they drafted Alex Smith. Now, I like the Iowa Hawkeyes and I don't really have a favorite NFL team). I still enjoy watching the team play, but they aren't really my favorite team anymore. In fact, like ebonics, I'm pretty much a fan of the NBA. If I had to pick, I would say San Antonio is my favorite team (BUT I DO NOT JUST LIKE THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE WINNING I LIKE THEM BECAUSE THEY PLAY RIGHT), followed by 2a Seattle and 2b Charlotte.

My Sonics paraphernalia amounts to a jersey card of Ray Allen, Desmond Mason, and for some reason, Joe Smith (all on the same card).
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