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Default Raptors Need To Go Gay!!

after many weeks of draft examination,ive made my final decsion that the raptors should take rudy gay number 1. Gay has been the consensus no. 1 pick for the 06 draft for the last 2 years. He has unbelievable talent and ability, i see almost no weaknesses to his game. And its not like he had a bad year in college, he juss didnt explode like expected, and why??? he was playing for the best team in the country.That team was incredible deep had far to many option on it for Rudy to be superman, the shots had to be shared, and the team was to crowded.Just to show how good that team really was i can tell you that guys off their bench are expected to be drafted this year!!!!..I say if you have number 1 you have to go with look at marvin williams who went 2 last year and then you look at Gay (same age) and Gay is ten times the player and potential that marvin was and is suppose to be...Gay has a great body, great attitude, ridiculous ability, and out of this world potential.Toronto would be smart to go Gay..
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