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Originally Posted by Run&Gun=Fun
He was in melbourne training at the king club, where my friends and i always go to play...There are four courts there, court 1 has been named "court Bogut" because i think he started to play basketball there....They had the court closed off with curtains while he worked out.

My friends and i had to take a peep through the curtains though....He saw us and shot us a glance that scared the hell out of me.....He must be pissed off with people always watching him.

Later, i think he felt bad so he came over to say hi, which was really nice of him... He is bigger than i could imagine a person could be.

I didn't like him much before but now i think hes a champ

He scored 14 points for Australia against New Zealand in a recent match.

You know that talking to the picture of Bogut on your wall doesn't count, right
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