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Sometimes I get annoyed with the way he calls a game or just talks, but most times I enjoy him. He does make the games more enjoyable to watch most of the time. He reminds me of the kid who always gets cut from the high school team but no matter what he's at the games with more energy than anybody else and ready to go. It's interesting to listen to him because he'll be talking in a calm manner and out of nowhere he explodes with a "SICK WICKET AND NASTY!".
Another thing is, remembering a game last season or 2 seasons ago, he had larengitis but he came to the ACC anyway but he had to stop talking cuz he was too sick, and then Leo Rautins and Jack Armsrtong were doing the game together. Borrrrring. They're both knowlegdable but they don't have the same impact as Swirsky.
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