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Originally Posted by adamcz
A draft with good role players is still a weak draft. To me it looks like the weakest one since 2002, when the top five picks included Gooden, Dunleavy, and Tskitishvili.
The difference between that draft and this draft is expectation.

People didn't seem to think that would turn out to be that bad of a draft. People (scouts, GMs, etc.) already have somewhat low expectations of the impact level of this draft.

In 2002, it was "Drew Gooden this" and "Dunleavy Jr. that" and "Skita this" and "Dajuan Wagner that" and they just laid eggs really in comparison to what they were supposed to be. This year, they really only have high hopes for Aldridge, Roy, Bargnani, Thomas, and Thomas as major impact guys. Even Marcus Williams and Rudy Gay are being taken with a grain of salt for some reason. The projected success level of this draft has been very downplayed. I don't remember that being the case in '02.

I will agree that it is the "weakest" draft since 2002 though even though I don't like to use the word "weak". That word would desribe the Kwame Brown draft.
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