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although i would love to see the sonics stay in the area--- even renton or bellevue, i think that the issues are bigger than just our team and the arena

i have felt priced out of sonic games for a while now and havent been to the key in years. the whole nba is going corporate in catering to the rich and their skyboxes; catering to the gullible in their marketing of jerseys etc to pay for these incredible salaries

that being said, i still love the game more than any other sport or any other b-ball league

the bigger issue is about corporate welfare. the city fronting money so that owners can reap the profits. wrong wrong wrong

but there are many cities just chomping at the bit to do this. ok city, st louis, san jose

if our inner city schools could be upgraded further, more innovative responses to the homeless people could benefit from the $$ NOT spent on the sonics, then it is a no-brainer to me (even as a hardcore sonics fan)

the intangible is the loss of civic pride in the fact that seattle wouldnt have a nba team. but so many people are fair weathered fans here--- i wonder how much the sonics would really be missed by the general population. just we hardcore fans would shed tears
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