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Originally Posted by Glove_20
So thats why I am saying...

Stockton never even finished Top 6 in NBA MVP Voting...That is what everybody that of his value to the team...

And it really was Malone doing the scoring...Stockton was only giving it to him...It wasn't like Nash, give everybody the ball through Nash...It was always going to Malone and he was scoring, all Stockton had to do is to give it to Malone and he'd finish...

And remember

Payton beat Stockton, when both were in primes

Payton was the no.1 leader of his team

While Stockton was a no.2 guy

But Payton won, by DESTROYING Stockton...

(Look at stats at page 2)

You keep saying Stockton is the #2 guy, but I really don't agree. Stockton was CRITICAL to Malone's success (and the Jazz' success). He wasn't the #1 scoring option, but he touched the ball EVERY play and you can't even say that for Malone.

Payton is/was an awesome point guard and I think he's among the top 10 of all time (so far), but I still think Stockton made other players better while Gary led more by position/example/scoring. I think Stockton would have made Kemp DOMINANT (similar to Malone) if Kemp was willing to work like Malone was. GP couldn't even make Kemp dominant.
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