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Default introduce yourself Cavs fans

Hope this wasn't done already. Maybe sticky this, B-Low? Think it would be cool to get to know some background info on the people we talk to.......

Alias: mlh1981

Gender: male

Age: 25

Hometown: Athens, OH

Current Residence: Athens, OH

Occupation: substitute teacher/tutor. Going back to school in the winter for something completely different than what I went to undergrad for.

Hobbies (other than basketball): mlb/nfl, swimming, bicycling, reading, etc

My Teams: Cavs (duh), Bengals, Reds, Blue Jackets, Buckeyes

Movies: Shawshank Redemption, Borat, Office Space, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

TV Shows: The Price is Right, Simpsons, Fresh Prince, The Ali G show

Favorite movie quotes: "You either get busy living, or get busy dying" (Shawshank Redemption)

Music: U2, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Eminem, Tupac, etc

Books: Harry Potter series, Stephen King, sports books

Food: spaghetti and meatballs

What you bring to ISH: post mainly in OTC. Talk a lot of baseball, life experiences, and Cavs basketball when I do venture into main forum. Huge fan of The Price is Right. Don't speculatate/don't care in the endless comparison threads in main forum.

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