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1st will be Mike Beasley cause he's amazingly athletic and very good shooting range. If he takes NBA little bit more serious he can be leading NBA superstar, only problem is his bad temper and he looks like he is always saying "I'm much better than anyone on the world, why to give my best shoot". I'm from Serbia and I watched him on U19 world championship, he is som much talented, but he wont' work.

2nd will probably be OJ Mayo, he's great but I think that Beasley is better.

3rd - Nick Batum, I watched him to on U19 world championship, he is talented but unlike Beasley, Batum is hard worker and he does what is best for his team (rebound, pass, shoot, foul).

I think Beasley has the most talent, too. If only he had a good temperament, then maybe more people would consider him worthy of the #1 pick. I think he will be the best player on an average team for many years, unless he gets to go to the Suns, then him and Amare would be sickening. O.J.'s probably my #2 as well, although if I had to choose between the two who I want to lead my franchise, I would pick Mayo because attitude's not as much of a problem for me with him, and I think he is the closest thing to a safe pick in the draft. I don't know much about Batum, so it would be dumb for me to start rambling on about things I don't know about in hopes that any of you think I do. From what I have seen of him, he's got a funky looking shot, great athleticism, a nice T-Mac like body, and he seems to be a high character kid. I think he will do okay in the NBA; at the very least he could provide perimeter defense and athleticism, sort of like Tayshaun Prince. I need to find out more about him. Derrick Rose is my #3, because of his size at the point guard spot, his althleticism, and I just think he's going to be a great player in the NBA.
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